We think differently and challenge the conventional. And the way we do it is by designing a solution that works for you.

We strongly believe that Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs, CRO’s and Healthcare organizations can leverage knowledge derived from Big Genomics Data to create targeted drugs and therapies and thereby enable Precision Medicine.

We are just a bunch of passionate data scientists who happen to create a solution to derive that Knowledge.


The Computational Architects of Precision Medicine

Leveraging multidisciplinary expertise for solving the riddles of Biology

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iOMICS™ Research is a unified sequence analytics software for management, analysis, interpretation and sharing of NGS data and results. Developed for composite analysis needs and tested with numerous real data sets, this robust platform addresses the complexities of Sequencing Big Data for driving actionable insights with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

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InterpretOmics Center for Next Generation Sequencing

We are proud to announce the opening of “InterpretOmics Centre for Next Generation Sequencing”. InterpretOmics offers Next Generation Sequencing and MicroArray services designed to meet the evolving sequencing needs of academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers worldwide. A comprehensive range of next generation sequencing services is available utilizing platforms from Illumina, PacBio and Ion Torrent.

  • Sequencing and MicroArray Platforms

  • NGS Applications

  • MicroArray Applications

  • NGS Platform

    • Agilent AreaMx RealTime PCR
    • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
    • Agilent Surescan Microarray Scanner
    • Illumina MiSeq
    • Illumina NextSeq 500
  • NGS Applications

    • Whole Genome Sequencing
    • Whole Exome Sequencing
    • Targeted Resequencing
    • Genotyping By Sequencing
    • Bisulphate Sequencing
    • 16S rRNA Sequencing
    • mRNA Sequencing
    • Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
    • Small RNA/microRNA Sequencing
  • MicroArray Applications

    • Whole Genome Genotyping
    • Whole Genome Gene Expression
    • Custom Gene Expression
    • CGH Analysis
    • microRNA Analysis
    • Methylation Analysis


Integrated Genome Informatics Services designed for solving advanced analytical challenges involving Genomics Big Data. We build advanced algorithms and statistical techniques over standard pipelines to provide new and deep biological insights.

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    • BioPharma

      Discover biomarkers and drug targets from molecular data for effective therapies, ensuring better treatment outcome.

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    • Genomic Medicine

    • Precision Medicine

      Integrate genomics with systems biology and metabolic network modeling to develop detailed molecular level understanding of disease and drug action.

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    • Hospitals & Labs

      Streamline analysis, interpretation and reporting of complex genetic tests to improve patient care through optimised therapy.

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    • Clinical Trials through Molecular Profiling

    • Clinical Trials through Molecular Profiling

      Improve drug efficacy and success rates of clinical trials by refining the target population based on molecular profiling of patients.

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  • We have used Interpretomics for over a year to analyze ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data. Our relationship has been extremely good, and we have had excellent results which are still excellent even beyond the service itself, as we have also collaborated on scientific projects.

    Author's imageFrancesco Blasi, M.D, Ph.DDeputy Director for Science, IFOM (FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology)
  • Their commitment to our peace of mind and analysis expectations was conducted in a very professional manner. InterpretOmics delivered on their promises and it was indeed a pleasure to have worked with them.

    Hamilton Ganesan, Ph.DBioinformaticist, Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd
  • InterpretOmics team is extremely committed to their task and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them. I strongly recommend them for Bioinformatics and statistical analysis and I look forward to work with them in future.

    Author's imageDasaradhi Palakodeti, Ph.DWellcome/DBT fellow Scientist InStem, NCBS, Bangalore, India.
  • InterpretOmics is a leader in the area of genomic data analysis services, Bioinformatics, and Exploratory Data Analysis in NGS. I am very much impressed with their infrastructure and capability.

    Author's imageSusanta Roychoudhury, Ph.D, FNAScSenior Principal Scientist, 
Cancer and Cell Biology Division, 
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