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We are redefining Health & Wellness

We are a genomics company set on a journey to change the world for better. We have designed and developed products that will transform health and wellness.


Genomics Unplugged

  • Our genes are made up of DNA. These can hold several clues to how our unique body, functions. A recent case from Australia talks about how Genomics can come to the rescue in a baffling medical mystery.

    In the coming years, stories like this will become commonplace with Genomics coming to the center stage of medical science. From genetic insight to fighting an unknown disease in a remarkably short time. Genomics is a scientific fact.

    Genomics is an integral part of medical science. It is expected in the next few years that Genome mapping will become the norm. We at InterpretOmics are working to bring the future to you today. We have a solid science team of researchers and doctors who help interpret your DNA. We give your clinician and you, actionable insight into your DNA.

    Know your genetic self.

    Source: ABC News – Genome analysis helps geneticists save young boy’s life


  • OncoTrack

  • OncoTrack – Genome Wide Localized CNV (GELCNV)

    Point-mutations or SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) are binary and heterogeneous. The CNV (Copy Number Variation) too are heterogeneous. At a population level, none of these techniques are capable of reaching to some consensus markers. We therefore devised a technique named as GWLCNV (Genome Wide Localized CNV). We take a gene and add the boundary of a gene as the synthetic breakpoint and measure the CNV within this genic region at the genome-wide scale. This functionally measures the CNV within a gene. Using this measure as a technique to measure DNA, we formulated GWLCNV and phenotype association. The paper describing this disruptive technique is currently in press. (Know more)

  • XomAnnotate

    Exome’s speficity, processing-time, and cost advantage makes it most suitable for precision medicine. XomAnnotate is a meta-analysis and functional-analysis pipeline for heterogeneous and complex exome. It combines GATK UnifiedGenotyper, Freebayes, Delly, and Lumpy algorithms that were designed for whole-genome and combines their strengths for exome data through meta-analysis to identify comprehensive mutation profile (SNPs, short inserts/deletes, and structural variations) of patients. (Know more)

  • XomAnnotate


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