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iOMICS is a cloud-based high performance software for analyzing genomic data. It offers researchers in academia, pharmaceuticals and biotechs a powerful computational resource to get exhaustive, reproducible results at unprecedented speed and accuracy. Built for collaboration and large scale genomics research, iOMICS helps researchers store and manage large data volumes securely.

iOMICS has 20+ pre-built workflows and 500+ gold standard, peer-reviewed software tools for sequence data analysis, microarray data analysis, meta-analysis, functional genomics, biomarker discovery, drug target discovery and patient stratification.


Multiple genome analysis apps to choose from

NGS Apps

Identification of variants in the exonic region of the human genome. This app comes with advanced features to classify, annotate and perform population based statistics on the variants

Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms and structural variants with high precision at the whole genome level

Identification of transcripts and genes from RNA-Seq data, along with expression patterns for multiple samples and case-control studies

Identification and annotation of miRNAs from NGS data to study their expression level changes and functional implications

Identification and annotation of DNA protein interaction sites or peaks from ChIP-seq experiments

High-precision NGS based HLA typing software for identifying all known HLA alleles and common alleles across samples

Identification of microbial communities and their distribution in metagenomic samples

Integrative Biology Apps

Identification of DNA interaction sites which show direct change in the transcriptome

Identification of DNA variations which show direct change in the transcriptome

Identification of miRNA target genes

Microarray Apps

Microarray based detection of genome wide DNA interaction sites along with functional annotations

Identification of gene products expressed for a specific condition along with functional analysis

Identification of miRNA’s expressed for specific conditions along with target identification

Functional Genomics Apps

Identification of Gene Ontology, Pathways and Diseases for significant genes

Drug Discovery and Development Apps

Identify novel, high quality drug target candidates

Identify biomarkers and clinical markers which distinguish responders from non-responders to specific drug/treatment using powerful statistical tools such as Bayesian modeling, Cox regression and LASSO etc


Multiple Omics databases for annotation

Variation Data

Annotation of reported genetic variations

Annotation of functional and protein prediction effects of Genetic Variations

Annotation of allele frequency from large-scale exome sequencing project of various population such as African, American, East Asian, Finish, South Asian and others

Annotation of clinical significance of variants with associated phenotypes and its supporting evidences

Annotation of allele frequency of various population such as African, European, American, Asian and Global

Expression Data

Gene Expression patterns under different biological conditions for different tissue types

Annotation of tissue base line expression for healthy individuals for different tissue types

Phenotype Data

Used for obtaining the genes associated with specific phenotypes

Ontology or controlled vocabulary for phenotypic abnormalities encountered in human disease

Metabolic and Protein structure database

Used for genome scale metabolic reconstruction network for human to identify potential drug target for specific phenotype

Pathway and Ontology

Annotation of enriched, peer reviewed pathways for human

Annotation of signaling pathways for humans

Protein-protein interaction for humans from published literatures

Annotation of signaling pathways for humans

Annotation of Biological Process, Molecular Function and Cellular Component for given set of genes


High quality controlled-access raw and processed genetic data sets across a board range of disease indication such as Neurology, Pediatric, Oncology and Metabolic diseases with over 600+ patient genetic and respective clinical data from Asian population. Explore a large set of curated data from published literature containing variations and clinical information for functional annotation.


Analytics for Knowledge Discovery

Integrates multi scale Multi-Omics data, along with Omnia data, to understand the disease etiology, right from the genomic to the phenotype scale. It can be used to perform advanced disease analytics such as phenotype modeling, drug target identification and validation, and biomarker identification for disease prediction, prognosis, and Pharmacogenomics. It aids in reducing cost, improving turn around time, and a better success rate of drug discovery.

Knowledge Discovery

Cloud Technology

Best-in-class Cloud Technology

It is easy to analyze terabytes of genomics datasets without the need for in-house high performance computing hardware systems. Cloud implementation enables improved accessibility, automatic software updates, convenient pay-per use model, easy data sharing and remote accessibility.

Multi-Omics Data Analysis

Individual datasets from different technologies such as targeted gene seq, Whole EXOME-Seq, DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq and Microarrays can be analyzed. It also supports the integration of Multi-Omics datasets to discover the genetic flow of information associated with the phenotypes.


Experiment Type

Biomarker Discovery

Drug Target Discovery identify potential drug targets using gene expression data (RNA/Microarray) through genome scale metabolic reconstruction and in silico knock out modelling. Identified targets are annotated for pathways and gene ontologies. Also, the human protein-protein interaction network properties are identified for the potential drug targets.